Create Glitter Signatures

Create Glitter Signatures

Glitter signatures can be an arts and crafts project for younger children or anyone who enjoys glitter. Glitter signatures are created by using glitter, glue and, usually, construction paper. Glitter signatures can be used as an educational activity for younger children to learn sign their names in cursive or it can be something that they do for fun. People of all ages can enjoy making glitter signatures as well and they can be put on display as artwork. They can also be given as gifts. Does this Spark an idea?


Create Glitter Signatures

1. Find durable construction paper. Construction paper that is thick and somewhat water resistant is a good choice because the glue will not seep through the paper. Be sure that the color of the construction paper that you choose does not conflict with the color of glitter that you’ve chosen.

2. Trace your signature onto the paper using glue or paste. It’s best if the glue bottle has a nozzle and is not simply a jar of paste because it will make it easier to trace your signature onto paper. If your child is doing this project and they do not have steady hands, be sure to place your hands over their hands to guide them while they create their signature.

3. Sprinkle glitter over the top of the glue. Using loose glitter, which is glitter that does not contain any glue in it already, cover all of the glue or paste that is on the paper. Feel free to add more glitter if there are still areas of glue that are visible.

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4. Shake off excess glitter. Allow the signature to dry.