Create Multiple Charts In Excel

Make a pie chart with Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program allows you to enter specific sets of data and then to customize a graph or chart to reflect those data sets to your audience. Carefully enter your data sets into Excel’s spreadsheet program. Then experiment with different styles of charts to determine which style best communicates your data.


1. Open up a new spreadsheet in Microsoft’s Excel program.

2. Enter your data in the columns provided in the spreadsheet. For example, let us say you have three sets of data. You will use columns A, B, and C to record your data. Simply click on A1, and type your first number. Hit Enter, and your cursor will move to A2. You will follow this process until you have entered all three sets of data.

3. Click cell A1. Then, press Control and the letter A at the same time. Your three sets of data should be highlighted.

4. Click Insert on your toolbar. Experiment with different types of charts. You have the choices of Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter and Other Charts. Simply click the chart style you like, and it will appear on your screen.

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