Create Photo Layouts In Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a less expensive version of Adobe Photoshop. It contains many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop but it was created for the everyday person rather than the professional so it is easier to use.


1. Gather the photos for your layout. These can be pictures with the same theme, such as wedding pictures.

2. Open Photoshop Elements and choose “Edit” and “Enhance Photos.” This will open the editor window in Photoshop Elements.

3. Select “File” and “Open” and pick the photos you want to use in this photo layout.

4. Create the layout by selecting “Create” and “Photo Layout.” This will open a new box, which will require you to make some selections. First select the size; the default is 8 ? inches by 11 inches. Then choose the layout you want and any additional options.

5. Add a background to the layout by clicking, dragging and dropping the icon you want to use.

6. Choose a frame. Open the artwork palette by clicking “Window”, “Artwork” and “Effects.” Choose “Frames” and “Professional.” Select the layout and click on “Apply.”

7. Add text. Select the bottom layer in your palette, which should activate the layer with the background picture. Select “Horizontal Type” tool, pick your font and type in the text. Change the text’s appearance to make it look more professional.

8. Change your text. Select the “Artwork and Effects” palette and set it to “Apply Effects, Filters and Layers Styles.” Choose “Layer Styles” and “Inner Shadows”. Choose “Special Effects” and “Low” and “Apply.” Select “Blending Mode” and “Soft Light.” Finally set the “Opacity” to 70%.

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9. Put your photos in the appropriate boxes. Click on your photo and drag it to a box, and you will have successfully added the photo to your layout. Continue adding all the photos and then you can fine tune your photo layout.