Create Your Own Car Graphics

Create graphics to go on your car.

Show off your family, brag about your child being on the honor roll or create oval vacation badge stickers to decorate your car. Car graphics are a way to personalize your vehicle and express your creativity on the road. Don’t let your artistic side be limited to the types of car graphics available in stores; let your imagination run wild by creating your own graphics at home. Your computer comes installed with Paint, a basic drawing and sketching program which can create car graphics in minutes.


Bumper Sticker

1. Open Paint, click “Image” and select “Attributes.” Set the graphic dimensions as 11 inches by 3 inches and click “OK.”

2. Click the “Text” tool and click inside the bumper sticker workspace. Select a font and large size, then type the words, such as “My child is on the honor roll at Janofsky Elementary” or “I Love Maine Coon Cats.”

3. Click the “Paintbrush” tool, select the medium round brush head and a color from the “Color Picker” at the bottom of the screen, then draw designs on the sticker.

4. (Optional) Give the bumper sticker a colored background by clicking the “Paint Bucket” tool, selecting a paint color and clicking in the white space of the graphic, which fills with color.

Oval Vacation Sticker

5. Create an oval sticker showing off your latest vacation travels by opening Paint, clicking “Image” and selecting “Attributes.” Set the dimensions as 5 inches by 5 inches and click “OK.”

6. Click the “Ellipse” tool, select black from the “Color Picker” at the bottom of the screen and draw an oval taking up almost the entire size of the white space on the screen.

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7. Click the “Text” tool, click inside the circle and select a strong font such as Arial Black or Gills Sans Ultra. Type the initials of your destination, such as NMB for North Myrtle Beach or NYC for New York City.

Stick Figure Families

8. Design a set of the popular stick figure family graphics by opening Paint, clicking “Image” and selecting “Attributes.” Set your graphic size, such as 8 inches by 4 inches, and click “OK.”

9. Click the “Paintbrush” tool, select the slash mark brush head and a black paint color, then position your cursor at the very left of the graphic. Draw the first stick figure.

10. Draw the remaining stick figures for the family; include pets if desired.

11. (Optional) Click the “Text” tool, which looks like an “A,” and type the person’s name or family identifier, such as “Mom,” underneath each figure.