Create Your Own Free Animated Banner

Banners are widely used throughout the Internet.

Banners are strips of images usually used for promotional purposes on a website. They span across the top of a Web page, or up its side, and try to catch the visitor’s attention with stand-out graphics. Many banners are animated for maximum effect. Banners can be either animated GIF files, as was common in the early days of the Internet, or more advanced Flash files. The Flash software is particularly advanced, but many services make it possible for anyone to create their own free animated banner without programming skill.


1. Create your own free animated banner at Flash Vortex. This website offers a simple interface that anyone can use to customize an original banner animation. You begin with an animation template that is already pre-designed and then edit its content, colors and link. The process is quick and you are provided with two ways to use the free banner after completion. The easiest solution is to copy and paste the “embed” code provided by the site into your own Web page, blog or other online site. The animated banner automatically displays on the page thereafter. More advanced users can download the actual Flash file. This file, when uploaded to your own server and website, is then under your complete control. The banner in this situation will always load even if the Flash Vortex were to disappear or delete your banner from its servers.

2. Customize an animated banner for free using the 123-Banner service. The website offers the ability to generate your own banner in a minute using a quick interface. As with other similar services, this online utility begins with a pre-designed template. You then customize the text content, its colors and the background colors. You can also control transparency settings. Finished banners are downloaded as Flash files. You may then upload these to any Web server for inclusion on a Web page. Embedding codes are not provided by the 123-Banner system.

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3. Build an animated three-dimensional banner with the 3D Text Maker service. This system creates animated banners in the GIF image format, for free. This is an alternative for those that do not want their banners to require the Flash plug-in. The simple Web page interface allows you to specify a font, text, banner size and shape, colors and animation type and speed. The final banner displays your text as a rotating three-dimensional graphic. You can download it and then use it in any Web page.