Create Your Own Graphic Character With Software

Creating graphic cartoon characters to serve as a character in a comic or as a part of a logo for a company or team, is becoming increasingly easy for nonprofessionals. Using Adobe Photoshop enables the creation of everything from simple cartoon graphics, to highly detailed drawings, depending on your desired product.


1. Open Photoshop and load your source picture, if desired, or a new file if you will be creating your graphic from scratch.

2. Create a new layer using the “Layer” menu at the top of the screen, and position it above the sample picture, if using one, in the layers pane on the right side of the screen. Name this layer “Outline.”

3. Trace or draw the outline of your character. If you are creating a cartoon image, you will want this to be detailed, with all of the lines clean. If you are making a detailed image, and using the outline simply as a guide, the lines can be choppier, and drawn as more of a quick sketch.

4. Create a new layer and label it “Color” then position it below outline for a cartoon image, or above outline for a detailed graphic.

5. Color in your graphic as desired, and use lighter and darker shades of the base color of a region to add detail to the image.

6. Repeat the color layer, using a different layer for each portion of the image, if desired. For example, if drawing a person, you might have a layer for the person’s skin, a layer for their clothes above that, and a layer for their clothing above that.

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