Create Your Own Madness Character

The Madness series has a distinct style, using simplistic character designs and excessively violent weapons. The style translates well with the fluid controls used in the games. The simple characters are memorable, prompting some players to make versions of characters for themselves. As a result, a number of online applications allow you to build and save your own characters. You can also draw one of your own freehand.


1. Load a character creator flash application, such as those found on the Kongregate, FreeGames or NewGrounds websites. Wait a few seconds for the creator to load, then click “Start” or “Proceed.”

2. Click and drag the parts provided into the blank play field. Your character needs a head, a body, left and right hands and feet. Most characters in the “Madness” universe are also armed, and the game provides you with the weapons needed.

3. Build a second or third character, if you desire. Tweak the scene until you are satisfied.

4. Save the scene by taking a screen shot. Press the “Prt Scr” button on a PC keyboard or “Ctrl”,”Shift” and “4” on a Mac. PC users need to paste the screenshot into an image-editing program like “Paint.”


5. Draw an oval shape for the head, using a pencil. Mark the front of the head with a cross shape or “plus” sign. This is sort of where the character’s eyes and nose would be, if it had a face.

6. Draw the body of the character, a sort of pepper-pot shape leading down from the base of the head. Consult a Madness game for a reference photo.

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7. Draw two feet at the bottom. The feet are a small distance away from the base of the body and are sort of overlapped. The left foot is behind the right foot slightly.

8. Draw the left and right hands. Their hands have three fingers. The arms of “Madness” characters aren’t attached, and the phantom hands simply hover next to the body. The right hand usually faces the screen and shows the back of the hand, while the left hand will be palm-up toward the screen.

9. Arm the character by drawing detailed weapons in one or both of the hands. The weapons are typically either modern or futuristic, usually guns or slashing weapons, such as high-tech swords or chainsaws.

10. Ink the design with a marker and erase the stray lines in pencil.