Custom Paint Graphics

Custom graphics add color and personality to a car.

One of the most noticeable things about your car is the paint job. Custom paint helps your car get noticed, but custom graphics take it to a much higher level. Graphics are one of the most expensive aftermarket options for your car if you take it to a professional. You can learn custom paint graphics on your own and save money while expressing yourself and creating a unique picture on the painted surface of your car.


1. Use the thin masking tape to lay out your design on the car. The thin masking tape is more flexible than wide tape, so it can be used to design detailed graphics. Move the tape around until you are satisfied with the design. Smooth the tape down on the surface to make sure it is flat.

2. Fill in the areas around the graphic that won’t be painted by placing wider masking tape on the edges of the thin tape. Do this until the only area showing is the area of the graphic that will be painted. Place masking paper on the large areas, like the tires, windows or large surface areas that won’t be painted.

3. Use 800 grit sandpaper that is soaking wet and evenly sand the visible areas of the car that are to be painted. Keep the sandpaper wet so that the dry sanding dust doesn’t scratch the paint. Sand until all of the area that will be painted is dull. Allow the area to dry completely.

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4. Spray three thin coats of paint on the area so that the graphic is now painted. Wait 15 minutes between each coat before spraying the next. After the last coat of paint, spray three coats of clear-coat paint to seal and protect the area. Wait 15 minutes between each of these coats as well. Remove the masking tape and paper and then wait a full day before handling the new graphics.

5. Use these same steps for adding different colors to the graphics. Wait until the first color is dry and then start the steps again using another color.