Customize Car Paint Online

Adjust the paint of your vehicle online.

Most auto companies now offer the option to design your car online. This gives you far more choices than just what is in the show room at your local dealership. It also allows you to customize the paint on the vehicle, from standard black to neon yellow and just about any color in between. Depending on the vehicle you are creating online the paint colors may differ slightly.


1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to the vehicle website where you desire to design your car (like Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet etc.)

2. Select “Vehicles,” then choose the model you want to customize.

3. Choose “Build” and a new series of options appears on the screen. With these new options you may adjust most anything on the vehicle, ranging from the size of the rims to the engine and even the hood design.

4. Click the color pallet and select the color for your vehicle. The image of the vehicle adjusts to show what the color looks like with the specific car. Take into consideration some paint colors cost extra on specific models.

5. Follow the prompts while designing the vehicle to order the vehicle and pick it up at your local dealership (you pay for the car at the dealership). When designing a vehicle online, you are given the exact price so there are no surprises when picking up the vehicle from the showroom.

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