Date A Hells Angel

Maybe you just love motorcycles, or you perhaps it’s just that outlaw allure that appeals to you. Whatever the reason, you know you are ready to date a Hells Angel, a member of the oldest and largest motorcycle club in the world.


1. Identify a Hells Angels member. He will have a vest or jacket with Hells Angels at the top, the Deathhead Logo in the middle and his charter at the bottom. Most importantly, he will have a Harley Davidson motorcycle. If he is not wearing Hells Angels apparel, he probably isn’t a Hells Angel.

2. Be prepared to ride. The average motorcycle club member rides over 20,000 miles per year and uses a motorcycle as her main form of transportation. This means she is not a fair-weather only rider.

3. Join the club. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has charters all over the world. While each charter has specific requirements for its members, you stand the best chance of being able to date a Hells Angel if you are an Angel.

4. Know the metonyms, a word or words that relate to another object. Metonyms for Hells Angels include “81,” “Red and White” and colors. Hells Angels use “81” because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet and A is the first letter of the alphabet. Thus, “81” is a metonym for HA ,which is a metonym for Hells Angels. “Red and White” are the colors of the Hells Angels and “colors” stands for the vest or patches worn by Hells Angels.

5. Attend a Hells Angels event. The Hells Angels host events all over the world. If you want to date a Hells Angel, you should go where Angels tread. Besides, the more Hells Angels in one spot, the more of a choice you have.

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