Decorate For A James Bond Party

James Bond-themed parties offer black tie sophistication.

A James Bond-themed party allows adults the opportunity to escape the doldrums of everyday life and, for one evening, play the role of a world-renowned spy. Although you may wish to stretch your budget for such an elegant event, you can still throw the party using a host of budgetary means. Does this Spark an idea?


Send out James Bond-themed invitations. Mark the invitations as “Top Secret” and ask your guests to accept a secret agent mission at the time and location of the party. Request that men come dressed in black tie attire, including suits or tuxedos. Encourage the women in attendance to wear evening gowns.


Decorate the center of each table, including the food buffet, with British flags and small model Aston Martin cars. For a large gathering with a sit-down dinner, name each table after a different James Bond film or actor who portrayed the spy. Hang James Bond film posters on the wall and play the soundtrack, including the famed title theme, throughout the party. Use alternating silver, black or white satin tablecloths for a streamlined and sophisticated appearance.

Food & Drink

Serve drinks, such as champagne and shaken-not-stirred martinis, that are associated with Bond. Start with upscale appetizers such as gourmet cheeses topped with smoked salmon. If your budget permits, serve caviar. For sit-down dinners, serve warm British cuisine, such as premium sausage and game pies. Try British-style tarts and puddings for dessert. A chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and cakes for dipping adds an elegant touch. You may also consider hiring professional bartenders, servers and caterers.

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Mirroring many Bond films, set up a casino area filled with gaming tables, such as roulette. Provide each guest with a set of gambling chips. At the end of the party, give the evening’s big winner a box set of James Bond movies or soundtracks. For smaller gatherings, try playing a spy-themed board game. You can also devise a trivia game, testing the guests’ knowledge of all things Bond. For an added bit of fun, divide the party into groups, labeling them as villains, Bond girls and spies.