Delete Parts Of A Tool In Zbrush

ZBrush enables artists to sculpt in digital space, without the need of traditional materials such as stone.

ZBrush is a digital sculpting software solution released by Pixology that has revolutionized the computer graphics industry. The software package provides precise control for digital artists to create just about anything their imagination will allow. ZBrush is used for creating characters and objects for various video games as well as for use in CG compositing for movie production. While ZBrush is a unique and powerful tool, there are certain features that take new and seasoned 3D program users some getting used to. One challenge, in particular, is understanding delete portions of their ZBrush model, known as a “Tool.”


1. Open your ZBrush model by using the “Tool” menu from the top of the interface. Click the “Tool” button, and a list of sculptures will appear. Open your model from the list by double-clicking the model.

2. Create a mask of the portion of the model you want to delete by holding “Ctrl” and clicking and dragging on the surface of your model to paint a mask selection. The mask will show as a gray tone on your model, indicating which portion you have selected. If you want to redo your mask selection, hold “Ctrl,” then click and drag onto a blank space of your canvas. Let go of the mouse to deselect your mask.

3. Click on “Tool,” “Masking,” “Hide Pt” from the Tools menu at the top of the interface. This command will hide the portion of your model that you have masked.

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4. Click on “Tool,” “Geometry,” “Delete Hidden” to delete the portion of the model you hid in Step 3.