Dell Dimension 4600 Series Specs

The Dell Dimension 4600 is a desktop computer released by Dell Corporation in May 2003. At the time of its release, it was considered a very fast computer system. Although the model is currently out of production and has been for several years, refurbished models are still available, as are spare parts.

Physical Characteristics and Power Supply

The 4600’s components are contained in a mini tower-style case that is 14.5 inches high, 7.2 inches wide and 16.8 inches deep. The total weight of the case and components is 22.9 lbs. The included monitor is a 17.0-inch CRT display with a maximum resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels. An AC 120/230 volt, 250-watt power supply provides power to the computer.

Processor, Chipset and RAM

The brain behind the Dell Dimension 4600 is an Intel Pentium 4 processor operating with a clock speed of 2.8 gigahertz. It is assisted by a 512 kilobyte (KB) L2 cache. The motherboard uses the Intel 865G chipset. System memory consists of 512 megabytes of DDR2 SDRAM PC2700 with a clock speed of 333 megahertz. There are a total of four DIMM slots that can each accommodate up to 512 KB of RAM for a total possible memory size of 2 gigabytes (GB).

Audio, Video and Networking

The integrated sound card on the motherboard supplies 5.1 surround sound using the AC97 standard. The unit comes with two desktop speakers. There are audio connectors for line-in, line-out, microphone in, center speaker and surround speakers. There is an additional headphone jack on the front of the computer. The computer is also available with a PCI sound card as an option. The graphics controller is an Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Shared video memory (UMA). An integrated fast Ethernet adapter handles networking for the computer.

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Storage is handled by an 80 GB ultra DMA hard drive with a speed of 7200 rpm and up to two optical drives. The first optical drive is a 48X (CD) / 16X (DVD) IDE ROM drive. The second optical drive, which is an optional upgrade, is a DVD-RW Drive with a 48X read and write speed. There are two storage controllers. One is a 1.0 x Serial ATA-150 and the other is a an IDE ATA-100. Each can handle two channels.

Ports, Connectors and Expansion Slots

For connecting external devices, the rear of the computer has a serial port, parallel port, PS/2 keyboard connector, PS/2 mouse connector, six USB 2.0 ports and one RJ-45 Ethernet connector. There are two additional USB 2.0 ports on the front of the computer. Internal expansion slots include one front accessible 5.25-inch drive bay and one internal 3.5-inch drive bay.