Design A 3d Ring

Software can be used to design a ring like this one.

One approach to designing a three-dimensional ring is to use 3D design software, which has special tools for turning 2D designs into three dimensions. One of these tools is called a lathe modifier, which does essentially what a real-world lathe does: It spins a cross-section around an axis to create a 3D shape. Making a ring with the lathe tool involves drawing the outline of this cross-section and then calling up your design application’s lathe tool to spin the outline.


1. Open a new scene or document in your 3D design application, and navigate to the window (also known as “viewport,” in some apps) labeled “Front view.” (The front view lets you draw a 2D shape and view it clearly without any 3D distortion.)

2. Select your app’s tool for drawing lines, which may be labeled “Splines.” Click the starting point for the starting line segment toward the upper part of the design window.

3. Another object created from spinning

Complete a circle with the line tool. Use as many points and line segments as you’d like, but be sure to make the last segment’s end point reaches the first segment’s start point. Respond by clicking “OK” if your design app asks if you want to close the spline.

4. Specify the point you want to revolve the cross-section of the ring around: look for design tools in your app related to “pivot,” the object’s main axis; “center of mass”; or “object center.” Locate the tool that allows you to move this pivot to any place you choose.

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5. Use the pivot-moving tool to place the pivot to the left of the ring cross-section. (Moving the pivot, or “axis of revolution,” ensures that when your design program sweeps the 2D cross-section around the axis, a gap will be formed between the axis and the cross-section. This makes the ring’s hole. If you leave the pivot within the cross-section, a solid ball will result from the sweep.)

6. Locate your design app’s lathe tool, which may be stored under menu headings related to “Modifiers” or “Tools,” or other geometry and shape-related functions.

7. Select and run the lathe tool, which will spin the ring’s cross-section around the pivot you moved in step 5, to create the ring. Notice the new surface created by this tool. Continue with Step 8 if the new surface looks like a ring; continue with Step 9 if it doesn’t.

8. Produce a finished drawing of the completed ring by activating your design app’s rendering tool. Seek this tool under a menu heading of “Rendering” or “Draw.” Save the rendered image and design file.

9. Look for the parameters related to the lathe or spin axis, if the surface doesn’t look like a ring. Select the x, y, or z axis for the lathe, creating a new surface from each spin axis until the ring appears. Render the ring with Step 8 once it does appear.