Design A Popup Card

Make a pop-up card.

If you enjoy creating your own greeting cards and are looking for a new way to make your cards stand out, try creating your own pop-up cards. You can create your own designs for your pop-up card or you can use rubber stamps for an image. The simplicity of making a pop-up card enables anyone from children to adults to produce a beautiful and unique card for any special occasion.


1. Fold a sheet of card stock in half. This folded piece of card stock becomes the base of the pop-up card.

2. Stamp an image on a second sheet of card stock with a black ink pad. If you’re an artist, draw your own image to make your card even more personal. Draw tabs on the four sides of the picture with a pencil. The tabs will attach the image to the card base.

3. Color the stamped or drawn image with crayons or markers and cut the image out with scissors or a craft knife. Scissors work better for simple designs, and the craft knife works best for a more intricate picture or pattern.

4. Score a line through the middle of the image with a ruler or straight edge. Score additional lines where the tabs you have drawn meet the design.

5. Apply glue to each of the tabs. Place glued tabs inside the card and let them dry.

6. Fold the card using your fingers, once the card has completely dried, to tighten the folds on the card.

7. Write a message in the inside of the card to make the card more personal and add more designs with crayons or markers if you choose.

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