Design Computer Game Graphics Using Matrix

Matrices are two-dimensional mathematical constructs that have a variety of uses in many scientific fields and can also be used in game graphic design. Basically, they are tables of numerical values, arranged in rows and columns. These can be used to hold image information and to transform images by modifying the values using other matrices. Matrices are efficient since you can use the same matrices over and over again to achieve effects like scaling, rotating and more. It takes a fair bit of programming know-do it right.


Design Computer Game Graphics Using Matrix

1. Your computer must be able to run 3D graphics programs. Without the specifications to run a 3D graphics or 2D graphics development application, learning matrix-based graphical design is not very easy or useful.

2. Buy or download a graphics development software application. You could also use 3D graphics libraries in programming languages like Java and C++. Install it into your computer. Run the program a couple of times to see if it works.

3. Buy a book on game graphics design, the more recent its publishing date the better. Game Graphics Design for Dummies is sufficient and gets key points across. This is the most important reference you will have for this endeavor.

4. Read and understand the contents of the book. A good grasp of the underlying mathematical principles is a big help. Perform all exercises in the book. This serves as application for familiarization and understanding.

5. Practice in the 3D graphics program. Playing with buttons and menus will teach you a lot about game graphics.

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