Design Your Own 97 S10 Truck Online

If you are looking for an S-10, you can find one that fits your needs online.

The Chevy S-10 is a class of pickup trucks and SUVs. Although the 1997 models of S10s aren’t being made anymore, you can use online sites to design a search for a specific truck. You can choose your specifications and decide on the exact model of S10 you’d like to purchase. Then, you can use online sites to find those exact models and figure out purchase them.


1. Create a description of the perfect ’97 S-10 you’re seeking. Include the color, interior options, exterior options and engine specifications.

2. Look in the Classifieds at Internet Autoguide (see Resources). The Autoguide lists trucks for sale around the world. Search for S-10 and then specify 1997. Scroll through the listings until you find the truck you want. Check back everyday, because listings are added each day and change constantly.

3. Click on the search feature at BizRate (see Resources). Input “S-10” and then “1997.” See which trucks and accessories come up. You might be able to find a truck you like but that doesn’t meet your exact specifications. Search for extra parts that you can swap out to design and build an S-10 that is exactly what you need.

4. Check on BlazerSUV (see Resources). Click on “Trucks” and then specify that you are looking for an S-10. Select the year you are looking for, 1997. Search through the listings until you find what you are looking for.

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