Detect A Tv Tuner Card

Watch TV on the computer.

A TV tuner card gives your computer the ability to watch and connect to live television programming. You can use an antenna or cable/satellite receiver with the tuner card, the same as you do with a television. However, before you can begin using the TV tuner card, you need to ensure the computer detects it. To do so, there are a few steps you can perform to make sure the television picture appears on the computer monitor.


1. Make sure the TV tuner card is connected to the computer. If using an internal card, this requires you to power down the system, open up the computer tower, and slide the card into one of the available PCI card slots on the interior of the system. If using an external TV tuner card, you want the system turned on, and then plug the card into one of the USB ports on your computer. Laptop computers do not have internal PCI tuner cards, so you can only use external devices on these kinds of computers.

2. Insert the driver installation CD into the computer. Without the driver, the computer cannot function with the tuner card. In a moment, the installation wizard loads onto the screen. Make sure to leave the installation name and location as the default settings. Changing the settings can result in the computer’s inability to access the driver and thus not detect the tuner card.

3. Install the provided software off of the software installation CD. With the software installed onto the computer, you use the TV tuner card. Without the software, there is no way for you to actually receive programming, even if the driver is installed on the system.

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4. Restart the computer after all of the drivers and hardware are installed. Rebooting the computer allows the system to load all of the new information and makes sure it detects the newly installed TV tuner card.