Detect My Video Card Driver

Detect My Video Card Driver

A video card, also called a graphics card or display adapter, is a device that allows a computer to send information to a display, such as a monitor or TV. Video cards also assist the computer’s main processor with performing calculations related to displaying graphics. High-end video cards will tend to allow a computer to display more complex graphics and may be required for such applications as computer games. Video drivers are software components that allow an operating system to recognize and use a video card.


Use Direct X Diagnostic to Check Video Drivers

1. Click “Start” and then click “Run.”

2. Type “dxdiag” into the run text box and click “Ok.”

3. Click on the “Display” tab of the window that appears. This page will display information about your video card and the video drivers.

Check Video Drivers in Device Manager

4. Click “Start,” right-click “Computer” or “My computer,” and choose “Manage.”

5. Select “Device Manager” and then click on the plus (+) symbol next to “Display Adapters.”

6. Right-click on your video card (it will be listed as a subcategory under “Display Adapters”) and then choose “Properties.”

7. Click the “Driver” tab and note the information listed in the window, such as driver version, publisher and date.

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