Disable Direct Draw

Disable Direct Draw

DirectDraw is a software interface standard that Intel developed. Microsoft now supports the standard and incorporated it into its DirectX technologies for improving the performance of games and applications. It works by transferring any video-related processes to the system CPU. The CPU then forwards it to the video adapter. Windows enables DirectDraw by default if you installed DirectX and the video card supports it. However, some older games may not run properly with DirectDraw enabled. You can disable it using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.


1. Click the Start button, point to the “Run” item, and click it.

2. Type “dxdiag” in the supplied text box and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

3. Click the “Display” tab to see the status of DirectDraw and other DirectX features. Click the “Disable” button next to the “DirectDraw Acceleration” label to disable DirectDraw. If you do not see this option or you cannot click the button, your video card or video card driver does not support it so the status is already off.

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