Display The Arrows When I Try To Move Objects In “3d Studio Max”

Toggling the Transform Gizmo in 3D Studio Max allows you to move, rotate and scale objects in the program. The Transform Gizmo is the name for the arrows that allow you to amend and change objects while creating your designs. Toggle the Transform Gizmo by pressing a letter on your keyboard. As you only need to press one key to toggle the Transform Gizmo on and off, it is easy to disable without meaning to. This is a common issue for 3D Studio Max users.


1. Click “Start,” then “All Programs,” and then “3D Studio Max.” Alternatively, double-click the desktop icon to launch the program.

2. Click “File” and then “Open.” Locate a 3D Studio Max file that you want to edit, then select it and click “Open.”

3. Press “X” on your keyboard to re-enable the Transform Gizmo.

4. Press “X” again if you want to disable it. The “X” key toggles the Gizmo on and off, so if you accidentally press it again, simply press “X” to turn on the Transform Gizmo controls.

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