Download A Graphics Card Driver For My Computer

Updating graphics card drivers on your computer will allow your equipment to run effortlessly.

As computer technology advances we’re required to check for software updates. Drivers are programs that allow certain software to interact with a computer’s hardware. Graphics card drivers are used specifically to improve the picture quality of video games and other visual media-so they should be updated regularly to keep games and graphics up-to-date.


1. Identify the driver you need. Since there’s a constant turnover for the latest graphics card driver make sure you know the brand name and type of graphics card you have. Several websites offer free driver downloads.

2. Choose either a manual download of the driver you want or let the website scan your computer to search automatically for the drivers. Allowing the website do this step automatically is recommended unless you’re positive you know which driver is needed.

3. Read the “Terms and Agreements” for the website you want to download the driver from. Websites offering drivers will vary in their terms, so make sure to scrutinize what you’re agreeing to before downloading.

4. Wait for your computer to confirm the driver has been downloaded. Many drivers require the computer to restart before they begin working properly.

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