Download Alice 3d For A Pc

Alice 3D is a three-dimensional programming environment that allows users to create pictures, movies and animation. This teaching software was designed for high school and college students and is free to download onto your PC.


1. Check your PC to see if it will run Alice 3D. Alice 3D requires Windows Vista, XP or Windows 2000. Your PC must have an Intel Pentium II or equivalent processor, a VGA graphics card capable of 16-bit color and 1024×768 resolution, 512MB of RAM, and a sound card.

2. Visit to download the file. Click on the “Windows” button. A bar pops up across the top of the page. Click on the bar to download the Alice 3D file.

3. Click “Save” in the window that pop up. Pick a location to save the file and press “OK.” The file is a 115MB zipped file.

4. Unzip the files to a location on your computer. Remember where you unzip the files to so you can find and open them later.

5. Go to the folder where the unzipped files are located. Find the Alice.exe file. Right-click on the file and choose to create a shortcut. Copy the shortcut and paste it to the desktop for easy access to the file. Double-click on Alice.exe to start the program.

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