Download Animated Wallpaper

The growing popularity of animation on television has spread to the virtual world. Amateur animators are able to express their creativity through traditional means like cartoons and cutting-edge methods like computer wallpaper. You can always look at your computer’s main screen with interest by downloading animated wallpaper.


1. Save animation files to your desktop for easy access and installation. The website providing the download will offer the option of downloading or opening files. You need to save a copy of the installation files to use the image permanently as your wallpaper.

2. Manage the installation process through your computer to balance security needs with your desire for a new background. You should research the source of the download as indicated by your computer’s installation manager to determine its validity.

3. Investigate the screen resolution of your computer monitor before you download animated wallpaper. Some animation files will have a restriction on minimum resolution due to the constraints of the original software.

4. Assess the need for special media players in downloaded animation files before you change your background. The best source of information for animated wallpaper that requires a specific media player is the “Properties” section of a file.

5. Request clarification from your employer regarding office policies toward desktop backgrounds. Some offices allow their workers the freedom to add holiday and family-friendly animations to their desktops. Your employer may prohibit animations because they often distract employees.

6. Celebrate the Fourth of July, Halloween and other holidays by utilizing animated wallpaper. You can download holiday-specific animations through a number of websites for free. You should approach websites at the back end of search results with caution to avoid harmful downloads.

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7. Promote your love of a particular musician, television show or movie using animated wallpaper. Television networks have been active in creating stationary and animated wallpaper for fans in an effort to promote their shows.

8. Change the size and color of your desktop icons to contrast with your animated wallpaper. The mixture of a moving image and colored background can cause problems in locating files that use a matching color.