Download Drivers For My Video Card

It’s easy to download and install your computer’s video card driver.

Each component in your computer system requires a device driver to bridge the connection between the piece of hardware and your computer’s operating system. Video card drivers, issued by the video card’s manufacturer, are often updated with security and error-correction patches. Windows operating system includes a driver downloading utility that accesses and downloads the video card driver needed for your computer’s monitor. You can also download your video card’s driver directly from the manufacturer’s website.


Locating Your Video Card’s Brand Name

1. Click “Start,” “Control Panel.”

2. Click on the “Appearance and Personalization” icon, if using Windows Vista or 7. If using Windows XP or older, click on the “Display” icon.

3. Click on “Personalization,” “Display Settings,” if using Windows Vista or 7. If using Windows XP or older, click on the “Settings” tab.

4. Click on “Advanced Settings.” Click on the “Adapter” tab, if using Windows Vista or 7. If using Windows XP or older, click on the “Advanced” button. Click on the “Adapter” tab.

Your video card’s brand name is located under the heading “Adapter Type.”

5. Leave your video card’s information dialog box open. Proceed to the “Updating the Video Card Driver” section.

Updating the Video Card Driver

6. Click on the “Properties” button under the “Adapter Type” heading. Your video card’s “Properties” dialog box will open.

7. Click on the “Driver” tab. Click on the “Update Driver…” button. The “Hardware Update Wizard” will open.

8. Click on the circle next to “Yes, this time only” under the heading “Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?”

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9. Click “Next.” Click “Next” on the “Install the software automatically” screen. Windows will search for your video card’s driver.

10. Click “Finish” when prompted.

If a driver for your video card could not be located, proceed to the “Accessing Your Video Card Manufacturer’s Website” section.

Accessing Your Video Card Manufacturer’s Website

11. Open your computer’s Internet browser.

12. Navigate to your video card manufacturer’s website.

13. Download the driver for the model of video card used in your computer. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the driver’s installation.