Download Macromedia Flash Player

Viewing a website with Macromedia Flash player.

People browsing the Internet often encounter websites with movie clips and animations embedded into the websites. In order to view these animations, you must download and install a plug-in for your web browser. This plug-in has a special player called a “Flash player” included which enables you to view animations and movies through your web browser. Macromedia developed the Macromedia Flash player, and Adobe now distributes the player as a free download.


1. Visit Familiarize yourself with the Flash Player by reading the information and documentation contained on the webpage.

2. Look at the right side of the web page and find the download link to download the Flash player. Click the link.

3. Check the information about the download carefully. Make sure you uncheck any boxes that might install additional programs onto your computer if you do not desire these programs. When you are sure you are satisfied with the download, click “Agree and Install Now.”

4. Read the next web page and follow the instructions. If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your browser, you may have to allow the Adobe website to produce a pop-up temporarily to proceed with the download. If the download does not begin automatically, click the link to make it start manually.

5. Click “Run” in the next box that appears to install the Flash player on your system.

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