Download Ppt From Authorstream

Download PPT From authorSTREAM

The authorSTREAM website is designed for hosting, converting and displaying PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint is a slide-show creation tool developed by Microsoft that stores its presentations in the PPT file format. With authorSTREAM you upload a PPT file and then other users can watch it online or download it. authorSTREAM promotes that you can download a slide show in a variety of video formats, but you can also download the PPT file if you want to open it in Microsoft PowerPoint. The author of a presentation will set the permissions to the PPT, so if you cannot download the PPT then the author has disabled original file downloading.


1. Browse to the presentation on authorSTREAM that you want to download. If you know the URL of the presentation, enter it in the address bar of your browser. Alternatively enter a term in the search bar and click “Search” to find a presentation.

2. Click the PowerPoint icon next to “Download” (these icons are just above the presentation). If the icon does not begin your download then you cannot download that file.

3. Find a PowerPoint presentation that you can download. Enter a term in the search bar and click “Go”. If the file says “Download” in the information field then you can download the original PowerPoint PPT file.

4. Click “Downloadable” in the “Search by” list to search specifically for files that you can download.

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