Draw A 3d Street Racing Car

Draw a street racing car

Street racing cars, AKA sports cars, are autos with highly stylized bodies designed to evoke images of high velocity travel. This styling includes spoilers, racing stripes, sleek curves, and related features. Some sports cars also have engines more powerful than those needed for everyday driving. Examples of sports cars include the Ford Mustang, Pontiac TransAm, and the Corvette Stingray. Though racing such cars on public streets is illegal, its popularity continues. Evidence of this popularity can be found in the abundance of video games and web sites featuring street racing themes.


1. Get a photo of the street racing car you’d like to draw. See Resources to locate a photo if you don’t have one.

2. Draw a box for the racing car’s body

Lightly draw a three dimensional (3D) box, which will represent the car’s body: Refer to this step’s graphic for help in drawing a basic box. Then, redraw the box edges until the box is sized and oriented roughly the same as your reference photo. Do not worry about drawing perfectly. Your goal is to draw a box with a sense of 3d depth. For additional help in drawing boxes, draw the edges of a shoe box or similarly shaped object.

3. Form the driver’s cabin: Lightly draw a smaller box that sits atop the first one. Make the initial box about half the height of the body’s box, and about one-third the body box’s length.

4. Extend the bottom front edge (the one nearest the front of the car) of the cabin box forward slightly, then correct the box so it includes the modified front face. The cabin should appear as a wedge with a flat top.

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5. Extend the bottom rear edge of the cabin box backward, slightly more than you changed the front edge. Redraw the box to include the revised edge. The cabin box should now appear more like the car’s cabin.

6. Reshape the cabin box until it matches the one in your reference photo. If your drawing becomes too unclear, trace it onto a fresh page.

7. Form the wheels: Draw a cylinder to represent each visible wheel in your reference photo. Position each cylinder on the part of the car’s body indicated by your reference photo. For practice in drawing cylinders, draw the main edges and ellipses of a can of soda or aerosol spray, viewed from an oblique viewpoint. (Oblique viewpoints are those besides a strict front or side view.)

8. Refine your car’s edges: Redraw all your drawing’s sharp corners rounded corners. Also, replace selected straight-line segments with curves. Convert only those lines that appear as curves in your photo.

9. Complete the car by coloring it and adding racing stripes, spoilers and other details as shown in your photo.