Draw A Cartoon Car

Just about everyone loves a good cartoon. Some people have the artistic ability to create cartoons of all sorts of real life devices and situations. One of the more popular is the cartoon car. If you would like to try your hand at drawing a cartoon car, here are some tips that may help you realize your dream.


Drawing a Cartoon Car

1. Assemble your basic materials. Locate a picture or an electronic image of a car that you can use as a model. Pick up an inexpensive sketch pad and some art pencils at a hobby shop. With materials in hand, you can begin to work on your first efforts.

2. Study your model. The photos or electronic images you have selected are intended to give you food for thought. Notice how the body is designed, the colors used, and some of the angles and lines that make up the overall package of the vehicle. You can use these elements to begin developing your own vision.

3. Consider the direction of your cartoon design. Some cartoon cars are drawn to be very similar to the real deal. Others are fun creations that exaggerate some aspect of the car, such as the hood, the grill, or the headlights. You may even want to add some human touches to the design of the cartoon, such as a mouth or eyes. Once you have a broad idea of what you want the finished cartoon car to look like, the task becomes clearer.

4. Create that first rough design. As many professional cartoonists will tell you, that first draft is usually the hardest. By coming up with the basic look for the cartoon car, you establish a foundation that you can then alter, enhance or add to as what is on the paper moves closer to what you see in your mind.

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5. Refine the design. Set aside the rough draft for a short time, then come back and look at it with fresh eyes. You will begin to notice little details you want to add, or perhaps some element that may have seemed right earlier but now seems out of place.

6. Consider the color scheme for your cartoon car. Keep in mind that the color can be a powerful tool in conveying something about the purpose or the personality of the cartoon vehicle. You can also use the color to convey characteristics such as gender or purpose, based on local culture.

7. Have fun with the entire process. Cartoons are sometimes used to convey serious themes or emotions, but more often they are intended to create some levity. If that is your final aim, keep your sense of humor all through the process. Creating something new often involves growing pains, so there may be some frustration along the way. Don’t take the task too seriously, and take a break if you begin to stress out over some aspect of the design. Things will fall into place soon enough.