Draw A Character

Drawing can be a wonderful way to express creativity and pass time when bored. Comic book and graphic novel characters can be a gratifying subject to draw. However, drawing an original character can be a challenge for some who are not familiar with the process. Find inspiration and hone your technical skills by drawing character to express your individual imagination.


1. First gather all the necessary materials you will need to do some basic sketching. Find some sketch paper or buy a medium-sized sketch pad and various pencils that you are comfortable using.

2. Flip through some of your favorite comic books, graphic novels and cartoons to gather inspiration. Take note of what characters stand out to you and what about the drawing you enjoy, whether it their eyes, the style of the drawing or the colors in their costume or body.

3. Visit a local bookstore or shop online for instructional books on drawing characters. Decide what style of character you want to create: comic book, manga, superhero, monster, alien, realistic or fashion. Practice drawing basic silhouettes in that particular style before adding any personal touches.

4. Determine whether you want your character to be exactly in the style you are rendering him in or whether a mixture of styles would be best suited for your character. Play around with different sizes, shapes, and physical features and allow your imagination to run free. Use a whole sheet of sketch paper to render quick sketches of character ideas that suit you.

5. Visit online forums and check out some of the original characters that other drawing enthusiasts have created. Take note of their creativity. Write a background for your character to help you create a character consistent with your inner vision.

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6. Pay special attention to where your character lives and draw them accordingly. If she lives in a cold climate, give her heavy clothing or protective skin or armor. If your character is water dwelling, ensure that she has adequate biological features to survive.

7. Think about drawing a villain or nemesis for the character that you draw. This enemy could influence what features you give your character, since your character might need weaponry to defend himself or a vehicle to flee from attack.