Draw A Mind Map

An open mind puts you on the map.

A mind map is a graphic organizer that contains the thoughts and attitudes of the main character of a novel or a short story. They may also be used for historical figures. The mind map speculates and predicts reactions of the character based on the evidence of the text. Mind maps can be used for a study tool or a pre-writing exercise.


Creat a mind map

1. Select the source of the ideas. A short story or a novel such as “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel gives a great opportunity to see inside the mind of a character. Tita in the story shares her questions about the tradition that prohibits her from marrying. She must take care of her mother until she dies.” Choose the character you wish to analyze from your text.

2. Draw a circle that represents the head of the character being studied. Write two lines that extend from the head to represent the neck and shoulders. This gives more definition and distinction of the figure representing the head. Ears, nose, mouth and hair are optional but normally not part of the drawing.

3. Write words, phrases and ideas in the blank space to represent the thoughts of the character. These ideas may be directly taken from the text or inferred by the context. Feelings, questions, people, places and things may be represented as ideas in the character’s head.

4. Save and use the mind map as a review for a test on the story. Write a speech as an internal monologue from the character’s perspective. Create a bulletin board with the mind maps. There are a countless number of options for making this graphic organizer a useful learning tool.

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