Draw A Sphere In Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is one of the most elaborate, virtual architectural design software suites that AutoDesk has introduced to the engineering world. This digital, software interface has been implemented to serve as a viable 3D parametric intervention for the development of commercial infrastructure. AutoDesk brings innovative ideas of pre-developed commercial design to reality, with enhanced graphics and high resolution quality.


1. Open the program. Double-click on the AutoDesk Inventor icon that can be found on the computer’s desktop screen. Allow the program to load successfully and configure its settings in entirety before operating any of the program’s components and functions.

2. Click on the “Tools” tab, displayed in the upper navigation menu when the program loads. Select the “Standard Primitives” option, found in the Tools drop box menu. When the Standard Primitives menu appears, click on the “Create” action, which will be displayed as an icon with a white star.

3. Select the “Sphere” option that will be displayed within the “Create” menu to begin drawing. Once the Standard Primitive grid appears, you will have to draw the sphere in two separate portions and connect the two.

4. Select the “Revolver” tool, which can also be found in the “Tools” menu to choose the diameter of your sphere. Draw one vertical line down the left region of the grid by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the line across the grid. Release the mouse button once the line is the length you desire. Right-click over the vertical line and select the “Duplicate” option to create an identical second line.

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5. Drag the mouse over the grid region where the two lines are located to curve and connect the two lines. The two lines should now be in the shape of a sphere and the size of the sphere will be based on the diameter measurement you chose.