Draw An Arch In Photoshop

St. Louis Arch

Being that modern graphic designs (especially Web designs) tend to have a sleek, rounded look, you are bound to need an arch shape of some kind to use and manipulate in your Photoshop program. There are a couple of ways that you can draw a simple arch in Photoshop. Photoshop is great because you can then rotate, resize, and recolor the arch as needed. Once you finish drawing a perfect arch you can copy and paste it into all of your future Photoshop files that require this shape.


Pen Tool MethodPaths), right click your path, and then press “Make Selection.” Press “OK.” Your new arch will be selected so that you can do what you’d like to it (such as add color, rotate it, or move it to a new location in your image).

Half Circle MethodFill” on your Photoshop menu. Fill the circle with your color of choice.

7. Go back to your tool bar and choose the regular rectangular selection tool now. Be sure that the Photoshop layer containing your new circle is active. Select a half of the circle with your selection tool and then press “Delete.” This will cut the circle in half to create your arch.

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