Draw With Autocad

Create accurate, vector drawings of 2D diagrams and 3D models in the computer aided design (CAD) program AutoCAD. It’s widely used throughout the world for design and documentation. Add texture to your renderings and view them from a 360-degree angle. Look at these basics to draw with AutoCAD.


1. Open AutoCAD on your computer. Click “Start from Scratch” to begin a new drawing. Pick the toolbars you need and place them around the screen appropriately.

2. Set your computer monitor to the correct settings for better visibility. Take note of the orientation on the screen of the 360 degrees. The right is zero and the left is 180 degrees. Up is 90 degrees and down is 270 degrees.

3. Select the line icon to draw your line. Choose the place on the screen where the line will begin. Move the cross hairs to the spot where the line will end.

4. Decide the length and distance of the line. If you type “@5<0" and hit "Enter," your line will be 5 inches to the right of zero.

5. Draw a circle by clicking the circle icon. There are different ways to design this shape. Select the center point and then use the keyboard to type in the radius or locate the set intersection snap and snap the circle on the cross hair.

6. Design rectangles by choosing two diagonal corners to determine the size and placement of the rectangle.

7. Trim excess from shapes and lines. Click the trim icon and the line or shape you want to adjust. The outline of the item or the line changes to dots. As you click the mouse, it trims the item. Save your work often and print the finished product.

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