Dress A Curvy Body

Dark colors often flatter a curvy figure.

For some people, finding fitting clothes can be a challenge. This is especially true for those who need to dress a curvy body. With many clothes designed for stick-thin women with boyish figures, finding clothes to fit a curvy body can be tough. However, by following a few simple rules, finding excellent clothes for curvy women can be much easier.


1. Buy clothes that fit. This sounds simple, of course, but it’s sometimes easy of falling into the trap of buying clothes because they look nice on a mannequin, rather than on you. Even if you love a piece of clothing, if it doesn’t fit you in a flattering way, you’ll have to walk away.

2. Choose curvy clothing. You’re curvy so some of your clothes should be too. Instead of straight leg or skinny jeans, opt for flare or boot cut jeans. These will give you shape and minimize the impact of your hips. When you choose a skirt, choose a skirt that has structure and puffs out on its own. Tight-fitting pencil skirts will only make you look wide. Opt for mid-length skirts that will lay on your hips and flare out.

3. Choose tops that accentuate your best areas. A blouse with designs or decorations around the bustline are more likely to be flattering than clothing that calls attention to your stomach area. Draw the attention up. This can also be accomplished with a statement necklace, which will call attention to your neck and face.

4. Let solids and fun patterns be your friends. Solid colors, especially dark colors, can be slimming and flatter a curvy figure. You can also go for fun patterns, especially on loose fitting shirts and skirts. Especially when wearing patterned shirts, ensure that the shirt fits well and has definition: if it just hangs on you, it probably won’t look nice.

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5. Avoid graphic T-shirts. Nothing says “stare at my problem areas” like words splashed across your chest and stomach. It’s the worst when someone tries to read your shirt, but some of the words are hidden because of your shape.

6. Get a great pair of wedges or heels. Adding heels to an outfit helps you to stand up straighter and flattens you out. Good poster and a bit of help from heeled shoes will make you stand taller and look great. Not a heel lover? No problem. Just get a shoe with a small wedge. Even the small wedge will improve your posture.

7. Wear tank tops under sweaters and other clothing. A tank top will hold you in and give you a more clean shape. Plus, a colorful tank top adds a splash of color under a plain sweater.

8. Wear clothing that accentuates your waist, if you like your waist. A dress that fits at the waist and flairs at the hips can be very flattering, whereas a flat or baggy dress may not be as kind to a curvy girl.

9. Get well acquainted with the ruched look. Ruched clothing makes you look thinner, so this is a great option for curvy people. This style looks great, especially on dresses and bathing suits.

10. Appreciate the value of visiting a tailor. As a curvy woman, you may find jeans that fit in the waist but are too long. Get them hemmed! A pair of jeans that fit well looks much neater than pants dragging on the ground.

11. Do not fear the label on clothing. So what if your shirt says extra large? If it fits you well, that’s all that matters. Besides, sizes vary greatly by fabric, cut and brand. Why be a slave to a tag that means something different to almost every brand out there?

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