Edit A Paving Surface Elevation With Feature Lines In Civil 3d

In Audodesk’s Civil 3D — a modeling application intended for use by civil engineers — feature lines help to cordon off areas for object or map “features.” Instead of rendering an object during the composition phase, you can use feature lines to show exactly where object will be. Like surfaces, feature lines can have their own elevations. But if a paved surface should be level with a feature, you’ll need to learn match the elevations of feature lines and surfaces.


1. Launch Civil 3D. Select “Open” from the program’s “File” heading to load the project that contains the surface with which you’d like to work.

2. Click the “Prospector” tab. Right-click on the “Surface Edit” icon in the “Surface Definitions” collection and then click the “Raise/Lower Surface” option. Enter your new surface elevation and then click “OK.”

3. Click the application’s “Modify” tab and then select “Elevations from Surface” from the “Edit Elevations” section.

4. Check the “Insert Intermediate Grade Break Points” box and then click “OK.” Click on the desired surface to match the elevations of your feature lines and paved surface.

5. Select “Save” from Civil 3D’s “File” heading to save your project’s changes.

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