Edit A Pdf In Gimp

GIMP can be used to edit PDF documents.

GIMP is known primarily as image-editing software, but the program can also be used to edit PDF documents. You can delete sections and add images to your PDFs or completely rearrange a composition. Editing a text document is very similar to editing an image, but how you import the two slightly differs. If you need to use a PDF in GIMP, be sure you are authorized to edit the document and try to perform changes only on PDFs that you have created.


1. Click “File” along the top of the Image window and then select “Open.”

2. Highlight the PDF’s file name and click “Open” in the lower right-hand corner to open the”Import” window.

3. Select the page numbers you wish to edit by entering the numbers into the field marked “Range.” For example, if you wanted to edit pages 1 through 6, enter “1-6” in the range. If you want to view the whole document, no action is needed. You have the option of viewing a PDF’s pages in layers or separate windows. Under “Range” select either “Layers” or “Images” in the box. Select “Import” in the bottom right-hand corner to begin editing the PDF.

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