Enable Directx 9 0 And Direct 3d

Keep your DirectX version running and optimized with the dxdiag tool.

DirectX is a group of Windows Application Protocol Interfaces, or APIs, designed to assist in game development, execution, and programming. DirectX 9 is the driving force behind many Windows-compatible PC games. DirectX is available to all Windows users and comes with several features designed to help your computer run games at optimum levels. One tool included with DirectX is the Direct3D feature. Direct3D is an advanced tool that accelerates the processing and displaying of 3D images used in games.


1. Download and install DirectX version 9.0. Double-click the executable file and follow the installation instructions. Provide administrative permissions if prompted.

2. Click the “Start” icon, type “Run” into the search bar, and press enter. In the “Run” window, type “dxdiag” and click “Run.”

3. Allow the dxdiag program to scan your system. Dxdiag automatically analyzes your system each time the program is run. The progress bar in the lower left of the window shows the progress of the scan. Once your system is analyzed, click the “Display” tab.

4. Locate the “DirectX Features” section. If “Direct3D Acceleration” is not enabled by default, click the selection and choose “Enable.” Once the change is made, click the “Exit” button to put the changes in effect and close the window.

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