Enable The Advanced Sound Effects For Gaming

Not many experiences can outmatch playing your favorite video game with the aural capacity of an advanced sound system. With the proper software and hardware, cutting-edge games are superbly enhanced with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Digital Sound Processing, among other advanced features.


Instructions For PC/OSX

1. Download the latest drivers for your sound card or audio interface. These can be found at the manufacturer’s website under the support section. Find the appropriate model for your audio device, download the drivers, install them and restart your computer.

2. Enable available advanced effects in your system control panel or device software. When you locate your audio device, view its properties to set up and enable various advanced effects such as 3D, 5.1, 7.1 surround sound or whatever is available with your audio device.

3. Download the latest patch or update for your video game. Usually, a game has an auto-update when you run it. If not, visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the update in the support section. Download and install the update before running your game or modifying its options. Also, make sure that your computer specifications will support the update.

4. Load up your video game of choice and open up the audio options. Check any boxes to enable high quality, Dolby Digital, or any advanced sound effects that are displayed. Make sure that your audio device is capable of handling these options before enabling them; otherwise, your sound may be disabled completely.

Instructions For Console Systems

5. Ensure that you have the proper cables and connections for your sound system and your console. Usually, the red and white (RCA) cables or HDMI cable from your console will connect to your television, and your television will be connected to your advanced sound system with a digital audio or RCA connection.

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6. Configure the options of your audio system through the means provided by the manufacturer. This can usually be done manually with the system itself, or through options viewable on your TV. Refer to your system’s manual or manufacturer website for further details. Once you reach the options, enable any advanced effects desired.

7. Enable any further available audio options in your video game of choice. Usually, there will be an audio option menu, and you can modify any advanced effects displayed there.