Facts For Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers have a wide variety of uses, ranging from education to business.

Graphic organizers are visual representations of ideas and concepts primarily used in the writing fields, but also with applications involving decision making, brainstorming and in planning research, as well as in flow charts and organizational structure charts.


There are several types of graphic organizers available, including mindmaps (primarily used in brainstorming) and web maps (used to show connections and branches between ideas).

Visual Learning

Graphic organizers work on the principle of visual learning, providing information in colorful, inventive ways, thereby engaging your interest, rather than in a more conventional, linear approach.

Problem Solving

Graphic organizers can be useful in problem solving by providing visual representations of the problem, helping you to achieve an intuitive solution.


Graphic organizers are useful in brainstorming, as they tend to be free-flowing and rapid. When you are brainstorming, you want both speed and freedom to get your ideas down quickly, after which they can be analyzed and dissected.


Using a graphic organizer for planning purposes can provide visual illustrations of problem areas, as well as avenues for solutions. Graphic organizers are also ideal for educational purposes.

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