Fade A Tshirt Deliberately

If you have a t-shirt that you wish was just a little faded or want to create an old, well-used look with a new t-shirt, you can deliberately fade your t-shirt. You may want to practice before you try one of the methods on your favorite t-shirt, particularly if you’re using a method that has a large potential for user error.


1. Use RIT color remover. You can often find this in the laundry section of a grocery store. Be sure to follow the directions carefully for the best results.

2. Wash the t-shirt repeatedly. Generally clothes fade over time the more you wash them. Repeated washing can be a more controlled way of fading your t-shirt than some of the other methods.

3. Put your t-shirt out in the sun. This can take a while to accomplish, but it’s one of the easier methods. Wrinkling the shirt up or only letting the sun get to certain parts of the shirt can create fun effects on the t-shirt.

4. Spray lemon juice on your t-shirt and lay it in the sun. Although fading won’t happen quickly, you can monitor for the color that you want. Keep in mind that you’ll need to let the sun reach both the front and the back of the shirt for a more even fade.

5. Soak the t-shirt in a mixture of water and salt (8 cups water to 1? cups salt, boiled and cooled) for several days and then rub it down with fine sandpaper. You can hang it out in the sun until you like the color, rinse and wash alone. Be sure to take care with an iron-on graphics or silkscreening.

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