Find A Character Graphic Organizer

Character graphic organizers can be found online, in books or from fellow teachers.

Graphic organizers are visual aids that help student grasp complex concepts. In an English class, it might not be enough to just discuss a character in a novel; students—particularly visual learners—benefit from writing down the character’s personality traits, actions, motivations and relationships in order to develop an understanding of the character, and a graphic organizer can guide this kind of writing. Character graphic organizers can include outlines, venn diagrams, idea webs and timelines. They are particularly helpful in post-reading and pre-writing activities.


1. Ask other teachers in your department for character graphic organizers they recommend. Veteran teachers have a wealth of knowledge and materials, and they’re often happy to share useful worksheets and organizers with new teachers. If possible, try asking your education professors for resources as well. They may be able to email you some scanned, printable graphic organizers.

2. Search for graphic organizers online using a search engine like Google. You can find many free, printable graphic organizers on websites like,,,,, — and more. You may find resources on professional organization websites like as well.

3. Find graphic organizers in books like Scholastic’s “50 Graphic Organizers for Reading, Writing & More” and “Graphic Organizers: Visual Strategies for Active Learning.”

4. Call your local library, and ask a reference librarian if they have a resource center for teachers. They may have graphic organizers you can copy and use in class.

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