Find A Graphic Design Internship

Find a Graphic Design Internship

Graphic design internships can come in many forms. From a design studio or ad agency, to a design department of a large corporation, even a nonprofit organization–there are many types of opportunities available to qualified candidates. Network and use your available resources to find a graphic design internship.


1. Prepare a professional, quality portfolio that you feel illustrates your strengths and talents as a designer. Variety is good, though if you’re interested in a specific area of design, narrowing your portfolio could be helpful. Have a professor or mentor review your portfolio before sharing it during an interview.

2. Ask professors and academic advisors about internship opportunities. They may be able to point you in the right direction once they know where your interests lie.

3. Determine what areas of design are the best fit for you. You could look for a general design internship that would expose you to different types of work. Specialties include print design, publication design, direct mail, logo/branding design, photo manipulation, print production, web design and multimedia.

4. Determine if you require a paid internship or you are willing to forego pay in order to gain invaluable experience.

5. Look at internship postings in your art department and apply for any in which you’re interested.

6. Ask professionals and friends living in the area what businesses, ad agencies, etc. are reputable. If you don’t have contacts that know this information, skim the phone book and the web to search for the types of companies you’re interested in. Send letters or make cold calls showing an interest in their company, and ask if they offer internships to students with your background.

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7. Search online job sites such as Monster, Career Builder and others for internships, and look at art-specific sites as well. is a resource tailored to your genre.