Find Free Vocabulary Worksheets

Vocabulary worksheets are a great way to help kids practice their vocabulary in the classroom and at home. There are several good sites online that offer resources for teachers and parents for kids,from preschool to 6th grade level. Here are a few sites that offer free vocabulary worksheets for you to download or print, and use in your home or classroom:


1. offers several free vocabulary worksheets with separate answers keys, in PDF format. Choose from multiple choice, word jumbles, decoding, alphabet soup, and other activities. SchoolHouseTech also sells the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory software which you can download for a free 30-day trial (or decide to purchase).

2. At the, you can use their handy worksheet maker to make free customized vocabulary word scrambles, puzzles, word searches and more from preset categories like: The Solar System, Computer Terms, U.S. States, or the Human Skeleton. Print your worksheet results or save to a PDF on your hard drive.

3. TLSBooks has tons of worksheets in PDF format that are categorized by grade. 2nd grade level worksheets includes “words with two meanings” and compound words. At the 4th Grade level, look for worksheets on using homophones and the Rainforest word search.

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