Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic designers work on a variety of projects, including newsletters, magazines, advertising materials and corporate reports. As of 2008, the need for these professionals is expected to increase 13 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many companies contract freelance graphic designers to handle their overflow work. Having a few resources for finding these opportunities can make the job search easier.


1. Assemble a portfolio of your best graphic design work. Before applying to freelance graphic design jobs, you’ll need to assemble a portfolio to show clients. Make sure to have design samples in PDF format to email to prospective clients.

2. Contact professional organizations. Graphic design professional organizations, such as the Professional Association for Design, provide access to job listings. Also, consider attending networking events. At these events, you can meet other graphic design professionals. Ask these professionals if their organization hires freelance graphic designers for overflow work.

3. Consider using bidding websites. Bidding websites (see Resources) allows freelance graphic designers to bid on work. These websites offer limited access to job postings for free. To get access to additional projects, you’ll need to pay a membership fee (which is as high as $30 per month).

4. Cold call local businesses. Some local businesses outsource graphic design work to professionals. To find companies with this need, call businesses and ask to speak with the marketing manager. Be prepared to send a few design samples. If the company doesn’t have an immediate need for you, contact them in six months to check in.

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5. Check out niche job search engines. Niche job search engines such as Coroflot, Behance, Frop and AIGA Design Jobs (see Resources) post freelance graphic design jobs. Some of these websites allow you to post your design portfolio so employers can seek you out.