Find Out About Your Video Driver In Vista

Updating a video driver often resolves video performance issues.

Microsoft Windows Vista supports many advanced video graphics features, such as the “Aero” theme, that look and perform best when using a graphics chipset or card that has ample memory and a powerful graphical processing unit. If the video graphics on a Windows Vista machine is suffering from slow performance or incompatibility issues, the video driver may require an update. Start troubleshooting by gathering video driver information and version numbers from the Device Manager utility built into Vista.


1. Click the “Start” button on the Windows Vista taskbar, and then click “Control Panel.” Click “Classic View” if the “System” icon is not displayed in the Control Panel window. Double-click “System” and click “Device Manager.”

2. Click the “+” next to the “Display adapters” entry to expand the list of display adapter devices.

3. Double-click the display adapter for which you require video driver information. Click the “Driver” tab and note the driver details displayed.

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