Find The Typoon Materia In “Final Fantasy 7”

Find the Typoon Materia in “Final Fantasy 7”

The main characters in the PlayStation role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 use crystal shards called materia to give them access to powerful spells and abilities. Several of the different types of materia allow you to summon massive monsters to help you in battle. The Typoon-summon materia can be found in a place called the Ancient Forest, which can only be reached by first breeding a special kind of chocobo.


1. Play through the game until your party has destroyed the large robot creature called Ultimate Weapon.

2. Rent out some stables from the Chocobo Farm and breed a green chocobo.

3. Ride the green chocobo over the forests and mountains south of Cosmo Canyon and go inside the area called the Ancient Forest.

4. Grab the bugs that can be found on the ground and use them to distract the giant Venus fly trap plants that are barring you from going further into the forest.

5. Proceed through the forest until you find the Typoon materia on one of the huge tree branches.

6. Equip the Typoon materia on one your character’s weapons so that you can use the “Typoon Summon” spell in combat.

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