Find What Driver My Graphics Card Has

A computer graphics card helps enhance multimedia functions on your operating system, including animation, 3-D graphics and video streaming. Additionally, a graphics card is generally used to provide optimum performance when playing video games. Its hardware-acceleration technology is primarily enabled through the use of device drivers. These applications are periodically released by the card’s manufacturer to fix or improve current features. Therefore, ensuring that you possess the latest available driver version can effectively improve your multimedia’s performance.


1. Click “Start” and position your cursor in the Search box.

2. Type “device manager.” Click “Device Manager” in the subsequent results to launch the application.

3. Click to expand “Display Adapters” from the list of hardware items displayed.

4. Double-click the graphics card shown to launch its respective properties.

5. Click the “Driver” tab and note the “Driver Version” information available, which discloses your graphics card’s current drivers. Click “OK” to close the adapter’s properties screen.

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