Fix A Blurry Computer

The clarity of your screen is very important to making your computer easy to use. Here are some steps for troubleshooting common causes for a blurry screen.


1. Check the connection between the monitor and your computer. It sounds elementary, but a loose cable can cause many display anomalies.

2. Update your video card drivers from the website of your video card’s manufacturer. If you don’t know your video card make or model, click the start button, click “Run” (skip this step in Vista), type “devmgmt.msc” and hit “Enter.” Find “Display adapters,” and your video card should be the first listed item in that category.

3. Check your display resolution. Right click on an empty region of the desktop, and choose “Properties,” then “Settings.” Try various positions of the “Resolution” slider to see if they affect the blurriness. A Google search of your monitor’s model number might tell you the optimal resolution for your screen.

4. Right click on the desktop, and choose “Properties,” then “Appearance,” then “Effects.” Put a check mark in the box labeled “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts.” Use the pull-down menu immediately below that check box to select “Standard.”

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