Fix Hair When Creating 3d Characters On Iclone

You have some great 3-D characters in your iClone debut animation, but a few are having a bad hair day. Don’t sweat it; you can easily fix those iClone characters who are follicularly challenged. Here’s fix hair when creating 3-D characters in iClone.


1. Open a character with a photo already imported for the face. You’ll see that some of the details in the photo, such as existing hair, will interfere with iClone’s automatically generated features.

2. Open the “Tools” drop-down menu and select “Texture.” This brings you to a new screen with the original photo on the right and your iClone character-in-the-making on the left.

3. Select the “Smudge” tool, which is the “finger” icon, and clear away any details that are interfering with the look of your character. This might include facial hair, streaks of color or other such anomalies. The tool also cleans up unwanted shadows.

4. Click “Tools” again and this time select “Hair.” This brings you to a screen where you can add any type of hair you’d like on your character. Choose a wig that fits your character’s personality; there’s a great selection.

5. Choose the “Modify” tab on the right side of the screen and select other hair options. Get funky with it and try different colors, textures and spacing. You can literally “move” the wig on your character’s head to get the exact look you want for your character.

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